1. GO BACK TO LA!! San Jose Sharks fan video using one of our unreleased, side-project tracks: “Go Back To LA”


  2. Pulled from Sun Tzu’s THE ART OF WAR. He gave us a shout out! #war, #books, #tactics, #clevergirl


  3. The English Language KSCU 103.3 April 4, 2014 Live Performance & Interview hosted by Modern Mark.


  4. The English Language LIVE!

    Tune in this Friday to 103.3 KSCU, 7pm. The English Language will be making their triumphant return to the air waves following the end of their vision quest across the North-West. We will be taking live calls, playing songs and telling chilling tales of the road.


  5. Caravan tonight concludes our tour and it’s FREE! Music starts at 9. Bands include: A Happy Death (Portland) and Joan & The Rivers #caravan #joanrivers #ahappydeath


  6. 2 headed camel in Portland. LIVE!


  7. Touring pains & the haunted car 


  8. Portland is full of good people.


  9. Thank you sidewalk art…WE WILL! 


  10. Portland bound 


  11. Cats in Chico have laser vision, everyone knows this.


  12. The Lo Lo’s are a great band from Chico, thank you for the temporary living quarters.



    3/20 - Hotel Utah (SF) with The Lolos

    3/21 - Cafe Coda (Chico) with The Lolos

    3/22 - Alhambra Theatre (Portland) with Bath Party and Child Children


  14. Another top notch green room, thanks Oakland.


  15. Luck of the Irish